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5G wireless coverage is provided by a combination of cell site designs.  Most sites in the "High-Band" frequencies use small sites relating to their limited coverage areas.  "Mid-Band" and "Low-Band" channels use more conventional sites often found on towers and roof tops.  In your search for cell site locations, these small sites are built within existing licensed areas of each carrier and therefore do not need to be individually-licensed. So, there is no publicly-available database of these small sites.

The Mid- and Low-Band sites are most often located on existing wireless structures such as towers, poles and building-tops, which should be in already-licensed locations, which also means there is not a publicly-available database of these 5G sites.  While there eventually may be newly-licensed sites dedicated to 5G, the carriers are not obligated to indicate what technology is utilized on any new sites.

Lists containing 5G sites exist, but they they are a closely-guarded secret...for security purposes. In the absence of such data, we offer these tools to find 5G cell sites:

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