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Employee Discounts on Wireless!
Most cellular carriers offer a discount to employees and members of certain companies, certain professionals, educators, students, military, veterans, governments and organizations. Discounts can range from 5% to 25%, or FREE!.
Click to see if you're eligible.

Who Qualifies?
Employees, members and the families* of a wide variety of corporations, governments, schools and organizations, the larger, the better:
  • Employees of many corporations
  • Government employees: federal, state, local and special districts
  • Schools: students, faculty and employees
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Unions, co-ops and credit unions
  • Military, including veterans and families
  • Nurses and medical professionals
* In most cases, these discounts apply to the employee and their family. Most carriers have a broad interpretation of who is "family". Spouses, children and siblings often don't have the same last name. There are quite a few people who got added to a family plan by adding "Uncle" to their name.

A big wireless discount is often a recruiting tool for some employers.  What would you prefer, a nice new smartphone with a hefty monthly discount or a company-paid medical plan?  Seriously?

How to Apply for the Discount:
Choose your favorite carrier and click on their Eligibility Check, below.  You may be instructed to enter your company email address.  If your company is eligible you should get a notification followed by a link to an application.  Submit the application and you will be notified of your eligibility.  These programs have varying discounts on devices, plans, or potentially, bundles. We'll tell you what to do if you're not eligible.

Another source of this information is your company's human resources department. Yes, this is just one more thing they know more about than the boss. This page is not about plans for employees of cellular companies, they have their own sweet deal.

Are You Eligible?

T-Mobile T-MOBILE:

U.S. Cellular US CELLULAR:


C Spire Wireless C SPIRE WIRELESS:
(C Spire is the 5th largest carrier in the US, operating in Mississippi and surrounding states)

More Ways Workers Can Save on Wireless:
  • Join the Company's Shared Plan
    Many employers have a "shared" plan that can save you more than an employee plan.  Some will allow you to add all or part of your wireless charges to your expense account.  Joining their plan may have some additional obligations at work, but your final cost could be Zero!

  • Go for a FAMILY PLAN instead of an Employee plan.
    Some family plans are more generous than "employee" plans.

  • Check Our Lower-Your-Wireless-Cost Page
    There can be secrets and programs you didn't know about, or that carriers don't make generally known.

  • Switch to Prepaid
    Prepaid is a great way to get a better price on wireless.  You can bring your own phone or get one at a non-subsidized price. Prices start at almost FREE!

  • Switch Carriers
    If you clicked on one of the Eligibility links, above, and didn't get a good deal, try one of the other carriers.  They could make it worth your while to switch.

  • Get a Better Job
    This may have more benefits than you'd expect. Don't forget to ask about the corporate wireless plan. The retirement plan can wait. Where are your priorities, right?