Cellular Back Door Secrets & Short Cuts
Great ideas you won't get from your wireless carrier


When you have a communications problem, like during a hurricane, getting "All Circuits Busy", not enough 'bars' on your phone and the like, consider sending a Text Message. It works when trying to contact any other wireless subscriber and all you need is their phone number. This is your backup for when there is a power outage, you're in a bad coverage area, or you're at a convention and everybody else is using their phone.

This is a great way to communicate when severe weather cuts you off. Your phone will 'hold' the message until it can receive a clear signal, then sends it. Some phones hold the message longer than others, so check periodically to see if the message needs to be re-sent. It is also an inexpensive way to communicate internationally as Text is billed at rates much lower than voice calls, sometimes Free. Additionally, you should become aware of how other callers can send a Text Message to you, in case the emergency is at their end. Be aware that phone numbers from text messages may be different than numbers shown on a voice call especially if the caller uses a VoIP or VoLTE (data) circuit. Make sure you're texting a wireless number and not a landline.

In many areas of the US, you can send a Text to 911 to get serious help. If you can't call, try to Text. Don't test it to find out, call your nearest dispatch center on a non-emergency number and ask if and where Text to 911 works, before you need it.

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