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Cellular Back Door Secrets & Short Cuts
Great ideas you won't get from your wireless carrier


Where were you when you realized you left your phone on the kitchen counter?  Most likely you had driven about 5 miles in your car.  Do you really want to go back, tripling your distance?  The solution is a 'Glove Box phone'.  This is your cheapest phone with the cheapest plan.  You get peace of mind for very few bucks.  There are several low-cost ways to outfit your glove box:
    In most cases you can activate your old phone with a prepaid plan. There are also options with some prepaid carriers to include a Free or low-cost phone just for signing up for service.  However, since we're looking at dirt-cheap plans, you may want to search for a leftover phone from a friend.

    Yes, you could use that phone for Free, check our Free wireless options, but you'll have a bit more confidence with a small plan.  Talk and Text plans start as low as $5 per month.  You might find a old Pay-as-you-go plan for a little as $10 per year. If cost is not important, you can add the Glove Box Phone as another member of your 'family' plan, lowering the plan cost per phone.

    You need to use a fairly recent phone.  3G, and non-LTE phones are being phased out. You can use one for the short term, but what happens when you need it the day after they deactivate the old network?

    You need it charged.  After a few months of forgetting about it, the day you need it the battery is dead.  The easy way to prevent this is to also throw in a cheap mobile charger

    You need to refill the plan.  With the lowest-cost plans you'll need to add some money to it and that may need to be done by a certain date.  Look for a plan that allows 'auto-refill', or plans with refills once or twice a year.  Put the date in your daytimer, or better yet, on your regular phone's calendar.  Feel free to renew your plan early when you think of it.  Refilling early ensures you keep your old minutes.
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