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Cellular Back Door Secrets & Short Cuts
Great ideas you won't get from your wireless carrier


Don't assume you always save with a "Family" plan. Consider separate plans for each user to get more features, or pay less, for each. Also, you might be paying more for "unlimited" features, like Data and Text, when an "a la carte" or fixed amount plan could save you substantial fees. Sit down with 6 months of your bills, or lacking that, look at how you used your phone over the last few months and compare your charges to your usage. The major carriers offer an analysis of your usage on their "my account" pages. There could be better "bundles" and features available now than when you first signed up.

On the other hand, you can also add "family" members to your plan to lower the cost per member. Not every member of a Family plan needs to be a blood relative and does not need to live in the same house...or even the same city.  If you want 5G, make sure your phone can access 5G and that your carrier actually offers 5G in your neighborhood. Just because they claim 5G in your town doesn't mean it's available at your specific location.

If you're not sure you're paying the best price, consult the 
Cheaper Wireless page. There are a number of ways to get your wireless for less including
Prepaid, changing plans, changing carriers and more.

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