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Cellular Back Door Secrets & Short Cuts
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You're on vacation and want to check your Voice Mail, but it won't work. Most likely, your wireless phone was programmed with a special code to call Voice Mail such as "*VM" or holding the "1" button. If you're roaming outside your network's service area, the network you are using may not recognize that command.  Instead, just call your own wireless number, followed by a "*" or "#" to access your own features.More If you're out of the country, an additional dialing sequence is required. Most phones will add the sequence for you by adding a "+" before the voice mail access number.

Most likely, none of your phone book entries will work outside the US without adding the proper Long Distance sequence. This can be prevented by adding "+1" before every entry in your phone book.  "1" is the country code for all North American phone numbers.  If you already have all your numbers entered, you only need to change the ones that you might be calling from outside the country.  At least add a "+1 [your 10-digit phone number]" to access your Voice Mail.  Most phones let you enter a "+" by holding the "0" (zero) button. You may also be able to check your carrier's web site or customer service for instructions on what to do if you travel off their network or out of the country.

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