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Our Favorite Cell Site
Located in Colorado along I-25, just south of Cheyenne, WY (Click the picture to see the antennas)

Is that a Buffalo on the hill? No, it's a cellular antenna. Click on the buffalo for a closer look (REFRESH to go back).

The Story? As you drive in the wide open spaces north of Denver and into Wyoming, you will see the occasional hilltop silhouette of a horse, a cowboy, or, in this picture, a bison. It can be seen for miles and provides a little visual interest in an otherwise desolate area. This is a replacement of an earlier bison. While the mascot of the University of Colorado is a buffalo, this buffalo, or bison, is closer to the University's arch rival, Colorado State University in Fort Collins. CSU's mascot is a ram, and they would love to replace this object of scorn. Fortunately, the bison antenna has no relationship with CU, although you would never get their supporters to think otherwise.

This antenna was constructed by the Mountain Wireless Construction Company of Aurora, Colorado, no relation to us. The 12-foot long figure is made of marine plywood and was built in their shop, and they found it would not fit through the door when completed. A few alterations and some brute strength eventually got the animal out the door.

The antennas belong to Verizon Wireless and the bison and the cell site are named "Pipeline," after an oil pipeline buried beneath.
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