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Moving Your Wireless Number

Your wireless and landline number can follow you from one cellular carrier to another, or from landline to wireless or the reverse.

Not all numbers are portable; it primarily depends on geography and where the number was originally connected. Your wireless representative can automatically tell you whether a phone number is portable according to Federal Communications Commission guidelines.

Process Time:
Porting a phone number involves two carriers. Although your new wireless carrier is only able to control half of the porting process, they will work with the other carriers to port numbers within 24 hours. Some carriers are better than others in completing the process with some "ports" occurring within 1 minute!

Some customers may need a new wireless phone, since different wireless companies use different technologies. While some phones can accept reprogramming or a new SIM, some phone phone are "locked" and can't be used with the new carrier unless it is Unlocked. Some phone models can be purchased Unlocked.

Your Number Must Stay "Live":
Don't cancel service before switching. A number must be active to switch; in other words, customers wanting to switch carriers must keep their service active with their old provider until the port is complete.

Having A Recent Bill Will Help:
Customers should have their most recent bill from their old carrier available, and know any account-related numbers, passwords or PIN's, to speed the porting process.

Expect Dual Service:
Customers will need to carry their old and new phones until the port is complete, the old phone for receiving calls, the new phone for making calls. In an emergency, we recommend that you place calls to 911 from your old handset as Emergency Services will not be able to call you back on your new handset until the port is complete. Also, although both old and new carriers will bill for calls, customers will not be billed twice for the same phone call.

Provide a "Be Reached At" Number:
Customers should be prepared to provide a phone number where they can be reached during the porting process to expedite the resolution of any problems.

Status Information:
Some customers "porting" their number will be given a phone number to call for status updates and may receive a TEXT message notifying them when the process is complete.

Old Features:
Saved voice mail messages will not transfer to the customer's new phone. Some retail stores are able to transfer contact phone numbers from a customer's old phone to their new phone.

Contract Terms Still Apply:
Portability does not relieve any customer of contract obligations.