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Explore Ways to Find True, Free Wireless Service:
FREE Wireless Plans:
They offer Free wireless in the hopes that after you sign up you'll add one of their value-priced features.

You Might Qualify for Subsidized Cellular:
Most carriers offer a government-subsidized "Lifeline" or "Link-Up" service at a significantly reduced cost if you can qualify based on your income. Lifeline support lowers the cost of basic, monthly local telephone service and can be Free or just a few dollars per month. An eligible customer may receive the Lifeline discount on either a wireline or wireless connection, but the discount is available for only one account per household. Lifeline discounts do not apply to taxes or surcharges, and don't relieve the account holder from paying the monthly bill. Details on how to sign up are below.

Qualifications to receive Lifeline discounts vary by state. The qualifying programs are either determined by each state's Public Utility Commission or the federal Lifeline/Link-Up program. Some states and U.S. territories do not provide state-funded discounts, but in most cases, an individual is eligible if he or she participates in one of the following programs:
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) or Section 8
  • Food Stamps
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Medicaid
  • National School Lunch Program
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Old Age Pension (OAP)
  • Aid to the Blind (AB)
  • Aid to the Needy (AND)
  • Aid to Children
  • Residents of Tribal Territories*
  • If your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you may qualify for Lifeline based on income.  You will need to provide current documentation that shows your household income. Contact your chosen carrier for details.
*To receive Lifeline discounts in Tribal territories, you must reside on land that meets the Bureau of Indian Affairs definition of a reservation, specifically any federally recognized Native American tribe's reservation within an eligible carrier's coverage area, based on the zip code of your home address.

Does It Cost?
Lifeline services are designed to be Free, but actual costs range from Free to $20 per month. Don't confuse Lifeline plans with "Senior" plans that are offered by some companies. Lifeline is supported by government subsidies.

To Sign Up For LifeLine Service:
If you qualify, you can contact wired and wireless telephone companies and ask about "Lifeline" service. You can shop among the programs to see which one will give you the best offer. These programs are not limited to your local telephone company, you can call your local wireless carrier.

Or Take the Easy Way:
There are carriers that provide service specifically to Lifeline customers across the nation such as Q Link Wireless or SafeLink Wireless. Not all carriers provide Lifeline service and not necessarily in their entire coverage areas.  Also, not all states support subsidized wireless service and not necessarily at the same subsidy a mounts. Some wireless carriers do not significantly discount LifeLine plans, so shop carefully.

Or, FREE, Emergency-Only Cellular Service!
Any digital cellular phone can call 911, sometimes even if the phone screen shows "No Service." This means even discarded or deactivated digital wireless phones can be set aside in a glove compartment or night stand and used to summon help. Don't expect a cellular company to give you one of these "free" phones. Instead, ask a friend or relative if they'll give you one of their old phones. You can call the associated carrier and ask if that particular phone model will work. Some may be missing a "SIM" which can be found on eBay or from some cellular stores. We include this option because it's possible, but we'd rather spend a few dollars for something more reliable.

Here are some important considerations for using an "old" cellular phone for this kind of emergency-only use:

Very Low-Cost Prepaid Cellular:
There are real Prepaid wireless plans than can cost about $3 a month or less! Just don't expect to get a lot for your money.