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Employee Discounts on Wireless!

Most cellular carrier offer a discount to employees and members of certain companies and organizations. Other than the links below, the best source of information is your company's human resources department. Discounts can range from 5% to 25%. This page is not about plans for employees of cellular companies.

Who Qualifies?

Members* of a wide variety of corporations, schools and organizations, the larger, the better:
  • Employees of many corporations
  • Government employees: federal, state, local and special districts
  • Schools: students, faculty and employees
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Unions, co-ops and credit unions

* In most cases, these discounts apply to the employee and their family, and normally is not limited just to "immediate" family members.

Are You Eligible?

AT&T Sprint
Verizon Wireless: AT&T: Sprint:
Eligibility Check
Eligibity Check
Eligibility Check
T-Mobile 120 U.S. Cellular C Spire Wireless
T-Mobile: US Cellular: C Spire Wireless:
Eligibility Check

■ Or call 1-877-453-8824

Eligibility Check

Eligibilty Check and Form Download

Don't Qualify? Other Ways to Save on Wireless:

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