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What Are We Looking For?
What should you see once you have arrived at your subject cell site? In these days of more stealth and disguised cell sites, knowing you have found your goal may not be obvious. Here are some samples of existing sites, in many cases you need to think "inside" the box.

Metal Monopole

Phony Cactus

Wooden MonoPole

Roof Top

Building Side

Church Steeple

Clock Tower

Rooftop Omni's

On a Power Pole

Pine Tree

Air Conditioner

Inside the Sign

Palm Tree

Wireless "Village"

When you find what looks likes your cell site, look for an ID card to help determine the carrier. The carrier name might be on the electric meter. The FCC Tower ID may be searchable at An "In Case of Trouble" or "Network Operations" phone number may be visible (call and see who answers). The old carrier name may be listed. Congratulations!

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