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Same Network - Different Carrier

These are separate, "alternative" companies that use the same wireless networks as the major carriers. They're also known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), wholesale carriers, or cellular "re-sellers". You get your phone, plan and customer service from these companies instead of the underlying carrier. Some use more than one network and the type of wireless device determines whether a CDMA or GSM carrier is used.

There is a more detailed version of this page at: Alt-Wireless Networks.

Using the AT&T Network (GSM):

Using the Sprint Network (CDMA)

Using the T-Mobile Network (GSM):

Verizon Wireless Logo 120x60
Using the Verizon Wireless Network (CDMA):

Using Multiple Networks:
(Your Phone Can Operate or Roam on More than One Network)
*These carriers allow off-network roaming for a certain amount of Talk and Text only, Data available in "Extended" areas.

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